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Rapidly Grow Your Views & Subscribers on YouTube

While Building An Engaged Audience Full of “Perfect Fit” Customers

If you’re like most people, you probably see YouTube as one of the hardest platforms to grow.

It can be confusing and time-consuming, yet you see how profitable it is for other creators.

You’d LOVE to be able to get the results they have…

But no matter what you try, you just keep spinning your wheels – you aren’t getting the kind of traction you want.

I’m going to explain exactly why that is (and what you can do to fix it).

After growing dozens of 100K-1M+ subscriber channels while running one of the top ranked YouTube organic growth agencies in the world – I’ve noticed some interesting trends:

There Are Only 2 Types of Growth You Can Have on YouTube

1. Incremental Growth

With incremental growth, your channel is growing in a linear fashion (regular growth). In other words: your subscribers and views are only increasing relative to the work you put in.

The common belief is:

If you just “keep on going”
And you keep “doing the work”
And you keep “showing up consistently”

You’ll eventually get there… over time. Maybe even a few decades.

2. Exponential Growth

With “exponential growth” – your channel grows at increasingly rapid rates (instead of linearly). Your subscribers and views will hit a tipping point of “compounding growth.”

This is a lot like “compound interest” (when it comes to investing).

There’s a strategic snowball effect where your channel can begin to grow disproportionately to the effort & work you put in daily.

Here’s What It Looks Like When Your Channel Starts to Experience “Exponential Growth”

YouTube Subscriber Growth Chart

But Here’s the Unfortunate Truth…

95% of YouTube Channels Never Experience “Exponential Growth”

Most people’s channels do NOT grow like this. They could… if they wanted to… but they don’t.

And it’s not due to laziness or a lack of effort or skill.

What it really comes down to is a lack of “specialized knowledge.”

In other words:
you’re simply not applying the right organic YouTube strategies to unlock “exponential growth.”

You’ve focused all your efforts implementing strategies that, at best, will only lead to “incremental growth.”

But I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

While I’m all for being patient and consistent and putting in the work to serve your audience with great content over time…

I’m also all about working SMARTER, not harder.

If you always knew there was a smarter way to grow your YouTube channel…

  • A way that didn’t require so much struggle & confusion with so little to show for it…
  • A way that wasn’t so demotivating, time-consuming and frustrating…
  • And ultimately – a way that wasn’t so slow

This is how it feels when you don’t get the results you were hoping for from your efforts…

If you’ve ever experienced this before, then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The pain, frustration, and devastation when things don’t go your way…

And then the confusion, frustration, envy, and maybe even full blown jealousy when you see people around you crushing it on YouTube…

Meanwhile, your channel is just slowly dragging along and not growing anywhere near as fast as you want.

If You Want A SMARTER Way to Grow Your Channel…

A way that’s FAR MORE EFFECTIVE (in terms of the actual results it produces) …

And also WAY more efficient (in terms of the amount of time it takes you to do it) …

If you know that, deep down, you could be getting a lot more from all the time, energy and effort you’ve invested in YouTube…

And you want to learn how you can get more from what you’ve already put into it …

Then, you’re going to want to read on to learn more about something I put together that can really help you…

How You Can Apply the Same

YouTube GROW Method

We use every day inside one of the top YouTube organic growth agencies in the world to

Rapidly Increase Your Views & Subscribers on YouTube

After a decade of quietly working “behind the scenes” for several of the world’s top entrepreneurs, experts & influencers…

I finally decided to create a special hybrid YouTube Training & Mentorship Program where I’ll be sharing our proven system to grow your views and subscribers faster.






This is what we built our entire methodology around:

How to Unlock the Power of “Exponential Growth” on YouTube…

And how to do it all ORGANICALLY

(Without Spending Tens of Thousands of Dollars on Ads or Wasting Years of Your Life Spinning Your YouTube Wheels)


The #1 YouTube training and mentorship program for entrepreneurs, experts & influencers who want to learn & apply the most simple & effective:


… to increase your views, subscribers, leads & sales from YouTube

This exclusive training shows you everything you need to know about growing your YouTube channel the right way

And it works for channels of all sizes in any industry…

This Is A Simple & Reliable System That’s Proven To Help YouTube Creators Get More Views & Subscribers Organically

  • Without Having To Do Anything Overly Technical
  • Without Feeling Like You’re Swimming Upstream
  • Without Feeling Like There’s Just Something About YouTube You’re Not Quite Getting…

If Your YouTube Channel Hasn’t Been Growing As Fast As You Hoped For…

Today Is The Day That Everything Changes

We’ve done this repeatedly with hundreds of smaller “up-and-coming” experts & content creators…


We’ve also helped dozens of big-name influencers & celebrity clients that already had a large online following.

… But didn’t have a properly optimized YouTube channel, feeding them a consistent stream of new views, subscribers, leads & sales every month.

Here Are Some of the Clients

We’ve Worked With…

Tony Robbins

The #1 voice in personal development

Chalene Johnson

NY Times best-selling author, marketing expert, celebrity health influencer & multi-8 figure entrepreneur

Sara & Alex James

‘Van Life’ influencers & #1 luxury van conversion experts

Keala Kanae

8-figure entrepreneur and affiliate marketing expert 

Chandler Bolt

Inc 5000 fastest growing companies & self-publishing expert

Dan Martell

Investor, entrepreneur, author & SAAS expert

JJ Virgin

#1 New York Times bestselling author & fitness hall of famer

Dan Fleyshman

Serial entrepreneur w/ multiple $100M/year companies


Physical therapy expert & Instagram influencer

How It Works:

We’ve distilled YouTube growth into a simple, proven, repeatable system to help you grow your channel’s views, subscribers & revenue.


In this section, you will identify your channel goals, adapt a new way of looking at YouTube and your content, and clarify your Viewer Avatar.


In this section, you will create your video strategy, understand YouTube’s algorithm and organic traffic sources, and create clickable content.


In this section, you will learn to read your Advanced YouTube Analytics so you can make data-driven decisions about how to increase views, subscribers and engagement long term.


In this section, you will learn to manage all the moving pieces of YouTube production including AI tools to help, Shorts strategy, and keeping it all organized and efficient.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join:

Channel Amplifier Program Logo

Full Access to The Elite YouTube “Channel Amplifier” Training

Get instant access to this life-changing YouTube training program and all the special bonuses we’ve included to give you the most cutting-edge strategies and tactics to grow your channel views, subscribers & revenue.

Liz Germain at YouTube Space

Access to Bi-Weekly YouTube “Hot-Seat” Coaching Calls

Attend “hot-seat” group coaching calls twice a month where you can get personal feedback and direct coaching on anything you’re working on with YouTube.

During calls, we’ll “dive deep” into YouTube Strategy & Analytics to help you extract the “hidden gold” that’s hiding in plain sight.

Liz Germain YouTube Support Group

24/7 Access to Our Private Community Support Group

Talk to other creators & entrepreneurs in our private FB Group between calls. Get peer support and feedback, plus stay up-to-date on the latest best practices so you can stay “ahead of the curve” on all things YouTube.

Advanced Viewer Mapping & Psychology Training

In-Depth YouTube Analytics Training

Exponential Growth Content Strategies

Live Q&A with YouTube Organic Experts

Community Collaboration

Weekly Support, Guidance & Accountability

Channel Amplifier Program Schedule

SECTION 1 - Groundwork

Lesson 1: Developing Your Creator Mindset
Lesson 2: Setting Your YouTube Goals
Lesson 3: Identifying Your Viewer

SECTION 2 - Reach

Lesson 4: Mastering Pattern Isolation
Lesson 5: Mastering Video Format
Lesson 6: Creating Your Action Plan
Lesson 7: Production Like the Pros

SECTION 3 - Optimization

Lesson 8: Optimizing Traffic Sources
Lesson 9: Optimizing CTRs
Lesson 10: Optimizing Audience Retention
Lesson 11: New vs Returning Viewers (Keep Them Coming Back!)
Lesson 12: Developing High-Performing Video Series

SECTION 4 - Workflow

Lesson 13: Channel Management Workflow
Lesson 14: Uploading, Optimizing & Promoting
Lesson 15: Hiring Help, & When You Should

+ Bonuses

AI Tools for YouTube
YouTube Shorts Training

Hi, I’m Liz!

I started YouTube in 2012 and have generated over 500M views and millions in revenue for my clients on YouTube.

I created this simplified program to help people struggling with channel growth after I stumbled upon a proven strategy for predictable organic growth.

As a YouTube Partner and digital marketing expert, I’m on a mission to help more creators do what they love…

And get paid for it too! This system works. See you inside 😉

Who This Is For

Entrepreneurs, Experts, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Coaches, Authors & Speakers

Must be ready to do the work to grow a YouTube channel organically

Creators who are prepared to invest the time required to master the art & science of YouTube

Anyone ready for next level results on their channel

Those who feel stuck and don’t know how to grow past where they’re at

Who This Is Not For

People who procrastinate or don’t take their own goals seriously

People who make excuses or look to blame others

Anyone with sinister or selfish intent (we only work with people who want to make the world a better place through their content)

Those who are not ready to invest in their YouTube channel’s success

What Kind Of Results Can You Expect From Joining?

More Results

What Students Are Saying…

DocJenFit 5x'd Her Subscribers in 30 Days

With Liz’s guidance, I transformed my YouTube presence from struggling with low watch time to getting my first 50k subscribers, increasing engagement, and drawing organic traffic to my offers. I’m immensely grateful for her expertise and support.

Jesse Gained 10k Subscribers in 30 Days

We were able to add 10k in 30 days of applying these strategies. By optimizing our videos better and following the data, within the first few months our views spiked rapidly after being stagnant for a long time. I’m very grateful to have found this!

Kristin Tripled Her Subscribers & Income

Enrolling in this program, my YouTube channel’s subscriber skyrocketed from less than 30,000 to over 180,000, and my ad revenue surged by up to 20x. My channel has now become a new six-figure revenue stream.

Kyle Earned 7-Figures from 3 of His Videos

With this guidance, I made an extra $80k in 90 days, conquered my former imposter syndrome, and now I’m on track for six-figure months in real estate and education, all thanks to this program.

Evan Monetized His Channel Fast

When I started YouTube I had no idea what to do to grow faster. I was able to upgrade my video production and editing skills, and got my channel monetized finally. I highly recommend Liz for anyone seeking to elevate their YouTube presence and achieve great results!

Olivia's Subscribers Doubled & Income 9x'd!

After attending, our channel’s performance has skyrocketed. Our subscribers have more than doubled, and our monthly revenue has increased 9x since then! Liz’s expertise and valuable insights have been a game-changer for us.

Got Questions?

We’ve got answers…

Does This Really Work?

Yes! But you must stay consistent. This is not an “overnight success” course. YouTube takes a significant amount of hard work and patience upfront, but will pay off tremendously and exponentially over time.

Is It Too Late To Start on YouTube?

No, it is not too late to start. In fact, it’s never been a better time to start a YouTube channel.

YouTube is a safe investment in your business because it’s owned by Google. Google isn’t going anywhere, which means neither is YouTube. Start taking advantage of this incredible growth platform today to get a competitive advantage for your business.

What If I'm Just Getting Started?

Awesome! This is the best place to start. One of the biggest mistakes new video influencers make is hitting the “Record” button before they have a strategy in place that will help them get eyes on their content.

Inside this training program, you’ll learn about what it takes to succeed and excel on YouTube. As a new YouTube creator, you’ll be learning the essential skills that will help propel your channel forward.

What Format Is This Taught In?

Inside you’ll find YouTube Growth training videos, broken down into easy-to-consume sections that are specific and relevant to each phase of the channel growth process.

We also provide group coaching calls on Zoom so you can ask questions about your channel and each strategy as it applies.

Videos are unlocked weekly as you go, and once unlocked, remain unlocked.

How Long Is This Experience?

This is a 90-day YouTube mentorship program for channels of all sizes, big and small. Once your initial 90-day period is complete, you’ll get to keep access to the program materials and will have the options for continued coaching support that you can discuss with your coach.

Do You Provide Any Guarantees?

If you apply what you learn about YouTube, you should see results. However, we cannot guarantee that you will choose to 1) do the work required or 2) understand your viewers well enough to engage them. We will provide you all the necessary training around YouTube’s algorithm and how to create videos that perform well with your audience, but it is up to you to apply these strategies in order to see results.

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